What Are You Breaking Away From?

You’ve got to break through.
You’ve got to break with what was,
To get to what is.

To break out,
You’ve got to break away from what you know.
Break a leg,
But don’t let your spirit get broken.
I mean, give me a break, for crying out loud.
Sure, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.
Sometimes, you’ve even got to break into a sweat.

Wait! We have some late breaking news.

We hear the sound of breaking glass.
Not the sound of hearts breaking,
No, no. no!
We should be break dancing.
Not breaking and entering.

Wait, I’m having trouble hearing you,
You’re breaking up.
It’s time to break out – in song.
And break a record.
Then, we can break away from the crowd.
Ah, the storm begins to break.

But, first, you need break the chains that bind you.
Then break a rule or two.
Then, when you’re ready to break an old habit that may have gotten you here,
When you’ve reached your breaking point,
You can break that spell.

No need to break down.
You can break a dollar,
But don’t break a promise.
Just break away.
And take a break, if you have to.
You’ve got one foot on the accelerator,
And one on the brake.

Still, if we don’t break with yesterday,
We will break apart.
Or come to a complete brake.

We’ll be right back, after a quick break.
Part of what I’m talking about
Is doing something the same old way,
Over and over again,
Because it seemed to work at one time or another.

Breaking away from all that –
And I want you to think about this –
All that stuff
That we need to break away from.

It is really nothing
But our own perspective,
Something we’ve gotten used to,
Perhaps way too comfortable with,
Something we’ve been leaning on
For way too long.

It’s just that something we’ve got to break through.
To get on the other side of.

So, we can finally see ourselves
And the world