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Discover Your New Direction

Patrick Sweeney is a Professional Transition Coach, an Engaging Keynote Speaker, and a Best-Selling Author.

His books will inspire you, his presentations will motivate you, and his coaching will transform you.

Patrick Sweeney From his New York Times Bestselling book to his presentations around the world, Patrick has engaged and inspired audiences – including HSM in Brazil, The American Chamber of Commerce in France, and The China Economic Forum – on “How To Realize Your Real Potential.” His coaching uniquely combines real-world insights with best practices – derived from having been the president of an international consulting firm, while also receiving a Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.
“When you are going through a transition, I understand the need to see yourself and the world in a new light. My mission is to help you shine your new light.”   
That is what inspired Patrick to create a uniquely deep and effective coaching practice to help people who are trying to determine “What’s Next?” In three intensive sessions (along with assessments and self-reflective exercises) he will help you focus on your strengths, values, skills, potential, passion, and options – as you discover your new direction. Patrick’s coaching has been described as “compassionate, challenging, deep, insightful, and intuitive.” Whether the transition you are going through is personal or professional, welcomed or unexpected, Patrick will help you see yourself in a positive new light, as you connect more deeply with your optimism, strengthen your resilience, and create new possibilities for yourself and others. Large Blog Image

Patrick presenting on “Love What You’re Doing”