A Compass for Baby Boomers in Transition

Discover Your New Direction

Are you ready to realize your true potential?

Perhaps you have been hearing a persistent voice in the back of your head saying, “There must be more.” Or you might have been “downsized,” and unsure where to turn next. Either way, now can be your time to discover your new direction.

Are you ready to follow your inner compass?

There may be a dozen concerns holding you back. But there is one undeniable reason to go forward now. That reason has always been deep inside of you — beating like a drum, yearning to be heard.

  • You may be ready to hire yourself, to be your own boss.
  • Or perhaps you want to pursue a new career.
  • You might want to devote your talents to a cause that is meaningful to you.
  • Maybe you just have to enjoy what you are doing more.
  • Or you might need to find something right away.
  • You could have something else in mind.
  • Or you may have absolutely no idea of what to do next.

You are not alone. Today 10,000 Baby Boomers turned 60. And tomorrow, another 10,000 more of us will cross that threshold. For many, like you, this is creating The Silver Realigning, a time for opening up to new possibilities — rediscovering a new direction, meaning and purpose.

How can you weigh your opportunities?

How can you overcome whatever may be holding you back? How can you realistically determine how to pursue your new direction?

Now there is a way.

This could be your time — a time to find your own compass, pointing to a promising, new direction.

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